“Every morning after breakfast he would sit down in what we call the Berbice chair, and put his feet up on the arms of the chair. It’s a chair made in the West Indies.”

“And then he would simply with his eyes partly shut, he would see the day as he wanted it to be.”

“He would carry on mental conversations with men he had to meet that day, from his premises and brought to his conclusion, and that’s how he worked.” – Neville Goddard

Here's why the Jo Go Method is vital...

Because without DAILY WINS, your confidence shrinks.

I was driving to the pool one Friday, after filming the Feel It Real fun show, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I was so blown away by this I literally pulled over right then and there, and started filming this.

Because without DAILY WINS, your confidence shrinks…

And there has to be a way – to teach people – how to have daily wins.

Because the longer you wait for wins – the longer you wait for what matters – the more your doubt grows.

  • You might doubt that this works…
  • You might doubt if what YOU want is possible….
  • You might even start doubting yourself….

So I pulled off the road like a wildman, right into the Bunnings parking lot, and went NUTS filmed this.


Here’s how I began teaching this. 

Before getting out of bed, pick a few events from your day coming up…

  • Could be a phone call you have to make.
  • Maybe you answer emails every day.
  • Or have a chat today with an old friend or family member.
  • Maybe you are in business – and make sales every day.

So before I get out of bed…

I imagine specific events – just like that – from my day ahead – already having gone my way.

I use VERY SIMPLE imaginal acts – because simple imaginal acts are speedy.

I always imagine – what implies – my wish fulfilled.

Now if you are just getting started, I’d suggest just playing a bit with what we shared above.

  1. Don’t skip anything. (So you FEEL each act – Done and Dusted.)
  2. Don’t add anything in.  (If you add in what doesn’t matter – you’ll feel confused.)
  3. Just let this be about your day. (So you have – wins – that matter – today.)
  4. Simple Speedy Imaginal Acts.  (These take only a second or two – to surrender to.)


If you find you want to dive deeper, I put together a cool little pack…

  • It’s got 12 short sweet recordings….
  • And a GRAND TOTAL of 93 minutes playing time…

So you can explore along with me…

Explore how I explore and experience this way cool Joseph Goddard way of life…

Having easy – daily wins – that matter….

And it’s just $27 bucks…



One more….

For over 5 years, a fella I call Jimmy walked past our property.  Jimmy was always barefoot, even in the middle of winter.  

His feet were all twisted up, rock solid and they didn’t bend.  

For 5 years or more, his heels never hit the ground.  And every day – he walked past our place, cursing, swearing, and in obvious pain.

Until I noticed – I had a desire – while doing my Joseph Goddard method – to imagine him – walking normally and me – happy about that.

Why not, Jimmy was in my day, every day, for years….

And guess what happened. Jimmy walks normal now, he wears shoes, and he smiles.

Dive Deep!  

Rock your world!

Mr Twenty Twenty