What is a state? 

A state is HOW you experience WHAT you experience.

When you change HOW you experience – you will change WHAT you experience.

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Taking the streetcar home from work that first Christmas Eve, she found the car filled with young boys and girls, singing and happy, and she could not restrain the tears.”

“Lucky for her it was raining, so she extended her face to the heavens and let the rain mingle with her tears.”

“As she tasted the salt of her tears she said to herself: “This is not a streetcar, but a ship and I am not tasting my tears, but the salt of the sea in the wind.”

While she physically held the rail of the streetcar, she mentally touched the rail of a ship moving into Samoa.  Physically tasting the salt of her tears she imagined it was the salt of the sea.”

“As the streetcar reached its destination, she was entering the bay of Samoa, feeling the moonlight shining on her body and hearing a voice say: “Isn’t it a heavenly night.”

Two weeks later this girl received a check for $3,000 from a law firm in Chicago. It seems that two years before, her aunt had left the United States, requesting that if she did not return, the money was to be given to her niece.”

“Within one month, the girl was on a ship sailing for Samoa. Coming into the bay, she saw a ship plowing through the water leaving lovely white foam in its path. As the moonlight touched the wake, its spray touched her face and a man standing near said: “Isn’t it a heavenly night.”

“At that moment her outer senses experienced what she had used her inner senses to make real!” – Neville Goddard