State Akin To Sleep vs Feeling It REal Click Here! The $7 Special Sleep Recording! “Now before we go into our moment of silence there is something I must make very clear, and that is this effort we discussed last night. If there is one reason in this whole vast world why people fail it is because they are unaware of a […]

Feel The Love – Member’s Videos

No Excuses – Make THIS Your Mantra You’re gonna love this because… I could have let my whole day – get ruined. Click Here for The State Stacking Formula. Because if you do what we do – you’ll get what we get Click Here: The State Stacking Formula Taking the streetcar home from work that first Christmas Eve, she found […]

How To Nail The Perfect Scene for Any Wish in 60 Seconds Here’s the magic question… What do you do now… That you would do or experience after your wish is fulfilled… DIFFERENTLY… Click here for The Coffee Game If you want to dive deeper, get goodies, support the project and transform your life, go to You’ll find all kinds of goodies to help with […]

Neville Goddard’s Doubt Destroyer

“There is a moment in every day, that Satan cannot find…” “But the industrious find this moment and multiply it…” “And when it once is found, it renovates every moment of the day if rightly placed.” “Now, by the word “Satan,” he simply means doubt….” Let’s call this Magic Moment… “Neville Goddard’s  Doubt Destroyer.” Maybe […]

3 Way Cool Revision Tricks Click Here for the Rapid Revision Secrets Special! Most people struggle with Revision. (Mostly because they either don’t understand it – or don’t understand what it does and how it works.) Neville said Revision was THE MOST IMPORTANT thing he taught. (And if he could ONLY teach ONE THING – Revision would be it.) […]

The Money Prayer Recording

“If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.” “If one really knows how to pray, he could spend his dollar and then reproduce it again. You see, this world is brought […]

What is a State? Neville Goddard Manifesting What is a state?  A state is HOW you experience WHAT you experience. When you change HOW you experience – you will change WHAT you experience. How BIG does $100 feel to you? The BOUNDLESS FOREST LESSON is a great way to explore – HOW you experience money -wealth – investing. Click Here for […]

The Confidence Creator

Here’s why the Joseph Goddard Method is vital… Because without DAILY WINS, your confidence shrinks. I was driving to the pool Friday, after filming the Feel It Real fun show, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was so blown away by this I literally pulled over right then and there, and […]