Neville Goddard’s Doubt Destroyer

“There is a moment in every day, that Satan cannot find…” “But the industrious find this moment and multiply it…” “And when it once is found, it renovates every moment of the day if rightly placed.” “Now, by the word “Satan,” he simply means doubt….” Let’s call this Magic Moment… “Neville Goddard’s  Doubt Destroyer.” Maybe […]

3 Way Cool Revision Tricks Click Here for the Rapid Revision Secrets Special! Most people struggle with Revision. (Mostly because they either don’t understand it – or don’t understand what it does and how it works.) Neville said Revision was THE MOST IMPORTANT thing he taught. (And if he could ONLY teach ONE THING – Revision would be it.) […]

The Money Prayer Recording

“If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.” “If one really knows how to pray, he could spend his dollar and then reproduce it again. You see, this world is brought […]

What is a State? Neville Goddard Manifesting What is a state?  A state is HOW you experience WHAT you experience. When you change HOW you experience – you will change WHAT you experience. How BIG does $100 feel to you? The BOUNDLESS FOREST LESSON is a great way to explore – HOW you experience money -wealth – investing. Click Here for […]

The Confidence Creator

Here’s why the Joseph Goddard Method is vital… Because without DAILY WINS, your confidence shrinks. I was driving to the pool Friday, after filming the Feel It Real fun show, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was so blown away by this I literally pulled over right then and there, and […]

Why Your Excuses ALWAYS Manifest!

(STOP making excuses and join us in Manifesting Mastery!) Click Here! Here’s why excuses always manifest… Because they are HONESTLY accepted as true. Here’s how that happens…. You go deep inside, really quick…  You simply begin with… “I can’t because….” And you find an old familiar feeling…  You make up an argument you can defend… […]

The Super Catchy Money Tune with Mr Twenty Twenty

Click Here! The Secret of Money! “One day a friend told me that when she was a child, her father would say: “If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.”” “If […]

“Nothing has changed! I feel NOTHING when I persist!” Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty,Thank you very much for your efforts.  I wish you a happy new year.Nothing has changed yet I can persist.  The only thing while I am persisting I feel nothing.  At the end I think why do I waste my time. Larry – Dec 28, 2022 Click Here! Joseph Goddard Goodies! […]

Why Your Imagining Doesn’t Feel Natural

POWER POINT:  Your desire can’t possibly feel natural – at first.   It’s the new home you want to move into. It’s that new suit of clothes you just tried on…. Naturalness BEGINS with you returning to your dwelling place… Naturalness LOCKS IN when you explore FROM both IDENTITY STATES. Until then – WAITING and WANTING […]