Victoria’s Yum Method x Joseph Goddard Method

Here’s why the Jo Go Method is vital… Because without DAILY WINS, your confidence shrinks. I was driving to the pool one Friday, after filming the Feel It Real fun show, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was so blown away by this I literally pulled over right then and there, […]

The Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack Interview

Click Here! The Prosperity Pack! “One day a friend told me that when she was a child, her father would say: “If you have but a dollar and it was necessary for you to spend it, do so as if it were a dry leaf, and you the owner of a boundless forest.”” “If one […]

Jeff’s Post “This ONLY works – if you DON’T make it WORK.” I was really excited when I saw what Jeff posted today in the LOA by Neville Goddard Group…. This is pretty cool…. He said, “it only works when it is not work”. (He has been listening to THE PODCAST.) And then he dove into […]

The 3 Common Imaginal Acts that Keep People Poor! Join us TODAY in   The first imaginal act that keeps people poor is imagining CONSEQUENCE.  The solution is to instead imagine – what IMPLIES your WISH is fulfilled. Instead of imagining what IMPLIES – the WORST thing happened. The second imaginal act that keeps people poor is imagining up the solution is […]

Why I Stopped Using Affirmations Today, I’m going to tell you what a lot of people won’t. Because I want you to get the RESULTS that a lot of people don’t I can remember the LAST TIME I did affirmations and made blue solar water, yes I actually did that gang. And I can tell you EXACTLY WHY I […]

The Secret vs The Truth – Feel It Real Freedom Click Here! “Because if you don’t get the difference between salt and sugar, dinner’s gonna suck.” Some things look very similar, but they taste very different. Some things, might seem similary, even when they aren’t the same at all. So let’s start with Neville Goddard quote: “We are what we imagine.”  “If we […]

Self Control Secrets

Let me ask you a quick question… “Do YOU really want to be kept under control?” (Or do you simply want to have fun – getting results.) Neville Goddard says your experiment becomes your experience. And the ultimate experiment – is you – exploring and expressing you. Many of the lovely people we’ve worked with, […]

Why People Struggle with Manifesting Struggle happens… Because when you are PROBLEM oriented… It is hard to get in state… It is hard to stay in state… Let’s dive deeper into why this happens and nail the way out BIG TIME! Neville Goddard Store  Click Here! When you need confidence or want daily wins… Nail The Joseph Goddard […]

How To Nail The Magic Manifesting Moment

Here’s what is REALLY COOL… You can use NOSTALGIA for ANY tricky manifesting situation. And it is SOOO easy to surrender to. (That’s how we stopped struggling with this stuff, and with the important wishes.) Listen to the PODCAST episode below… Goodies and Resources: The Secrets of Surrender – Click Here Join Mr Twenty Twenty […]

The Neville Goddard Coffee Game x The StreetCar System When you can’t find a scene that works for you…  Find something SIMPLE that you already do daily, that you know will continue to do daily AFTER your wish is fulfilled too. For me, it’s ONE SIP of coffee. I just love coffee, and I start every day with the best money can buy. […]